Not sure where to start? Your Counselling is here to assist in creating positive changes in your life. Let's Talk Jeff Sturgeon Jeff brings passion, humour and connection into each counselling session. Jeff’s guiding values are honesty, trust and compassion. Jeff believes that with connection and compassion we all have the potential for change. MORE ABOUT JEFF Jordan Burness
Jordan sees her role as a therapist as being able to collaborate with and empower her clients. Her hope is to build a relationship of trust while using a variety of clinical tools to promote personal transformation. MORE ABOUT JORDAN
Tammy Shimoni
Tammy is a Registered Clinical Social worker with over twenty years of experience. Tammy believes that having a sense of purpose and belonging provides a foundation for long term mental health and well being. MORE ABOUT TAMMY
Julie Magee Julie’s counselling philosophy is grounded in the assumptions that every individual has strengths and resources, and everyone needs genuine caring relationships to live their best lives. MORE ABOUT JULIE Shannon Clark
Shannon is a Registered Social Worker, with a graduate degree in Clinical Social Work. She maintains the social work principle of knowing people are not just people, they are surrounded by unique circumstances. MORE ABOUT SHANNON
Cody Eriksen Cody brings an honest, open, and comfortable approach in counselling. He values compassion, teamwork, and the uniqueness of one’s life experience; and are the guiding principles of his belief that everyone is capable of change. MORE ABOUT CODY Brendan Kearns
Brendan is a therapist who recognizes that life can be busy, challenging to schedule and he understands that a therapy session over a lunch break is sometimes the easiest way to commit to therapy. Click to learn more! MORE ABOUT BRENDAN
Anthony Grey Anthony is passionate about helping you cope with the stressors of everyday life. Anthony values the sharing of life experiences, offers a safe place where individuals and families can talk about their concerns MORE ABOUT ANTHONY Susan J. Morison Susan is a firm believer in human potential and the capacity for change. She believes that, with support, knowledge and the right tools, change is always possible. MORE ABOUT SUSAN Michael Macleod Michael’s aim is to empower you to reach your highest potential so you can live a more authentic and satisfying life. MORE ABOUT MICHAEL

Counselling in Calgary

Our skilled team of therapists is here for you. If you are near downtown Calgary and searching for ‘counselling near me’ then we are your best solution.  We are proudly offering flexible appointment times both in-person and online.  View our Calgary counselling services to find what suits you best.  We have great success in helping Calgarians to manage their anxiety, depression, and more!  If you aren’t sure what is the optimal therapy for you, your friends, or your family, then just ask us for guidance.

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Counselling Services
We have extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of depression, anxiety, panic, and phobias.
Assessment Services
Your Counselling is proud to offer a variety of assessment options to meet the needs of the Calgary, Alberta area.
Consultation Services
We provide support and consulting services around mental health issues in Calgary.
Online Counselling Services
With the expansion of modern technologies, an increasing number of people have been seeing the benefits of online counselling.
Remember, it’s your counselling, and together we will find the right approach for you.