Domestic Violence Help in Calgary

  • Experienced and licensed Calgary-based domestic violence support services
  • Respectful and non-judgmental approach to domestic violence support
  • Comprehensive assessment and treatment plan tailored to meet individual needs
  • Support for clients with co-existing mental health issues
  • Treatment of domestic violence-related issues such as change of personality, anxiety, and depression
  • Flexible appointment times to accommodate busy schedules
  • Safe and confidential environment
  • Variety of therapeutic techniques, including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Affordable domestic violence counselling services with private health insurance coverage

Overview About domestic violence counselling

Some people reading this may be aware that November is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which is an excellent and commendable initiative. But on the other side of that is a troubling fact: people deal with the effects of this violence every single day of the year.

The definition of domestic violence is “violent or aggressive behaviour within the home.” While that seems simple, it is actually a wide-open term that can be interpreted in many ways, whether it is emotional, physical, or sexual in nature. However it is done, violence in the home – a place that is meant to be safe and comforting – is something that we cannot afford to ignore.  You can book a free 15-minute phone consult to start the process of receiving domestic violence help in Calgary.

emotional and verbal abuse

domestic violence help in calgary
domestic violence can be abuse in many different ways

The term domestic violence conjures up images of physical fights and other similar attacks, but its counterpart is just as dangerous and, in some ways, even more insidious: the emotional and verbal abuse that people suffer in the process. This “invisible” violence has long-lasting and deep-reaching effects on one’s emotional well-being and mental health, and can take years to fully deal with and remove.  Escaping a violent situation  is just one step in a much longer journey of recovery and healing, and it may not even be the first one. Getting the right support, therapy, and emotional tools can be crucial in breaking the cycle and starting a new life.

Domestic violence help in calgary

If you or someone you know is involved with domestic violence in Calgary, there are numerous helplines, help groups, and other resources available to use. For immediate assistance, Alberta has 24-hour help via phone or chat, or call 911 for emergency situations. 

People who are exposed to violence and abuse often develop further mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, addictions, or disorders. They may suffer from PTSD, suicidal tendencies, or unhealthy coping strategies that can compound problems rather than resolve them. For support and help in overcoming the lingering effects of domestic violence, physical or emotional abuse, and other trauma, the professionals here at Your Counselling are fully equipped to provide it for you. Many of our chosen therapies – like supportive psychotherapy, accelerated resolution therapy (ART), and dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) – have been very successful in helping clients past prior violence and look ahead to the future once more. We offer both individual and group sessions, so you can choose the approach that works best for you. 

domestic violence counselling

Meet Our Experts

Jeff Sturgeon
Jeff Sturgeon
Therapist / Founder BSc.,BSW,MSW,RCSW/RSW
Laurie Janzen
Therapist: MSW, RSW
Jaimi Thomas
Therapist: MSW, RSW
Anthony Grey Calgary Counsellor Therapist
Anthony Grey
Therapist: MSW, RSW, TITC-CT
Amie Nelson
Amie Nelson
Therapist: MSW, RSW
Jordan Burness Calgary Therapist
Jordan Burness
Therapist: MSW, RCSW
Natasha Cole
Natasha Cole
Therapist: MSW,RSW
Shannon Clark
Shannon Clark
Therapist: MSW, RSW
Susan J. Morison Calgary Therapist
Susan J. Morison
Psychologist: MA.,R.Psych
Danielle Lemky
Danielle Lemky
Registered Psychologist: B.A, MC
StephanieCraven_Jan2024 001_
Stephanie Craven
Therapist: MSW, RSW
Julie Magee Therapist Calgary
Julie Magee
Therapist: MSW, RSW

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If you find yourself experiencing emotional pain, sleepless nights, depression, and worry, or feel your goals are slipping away from you – our counselling services in Calgary can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: what issues are addressed?

Our domestic violence counselling services in Calgary are dedicated to addressing the complex issues related to domestic abuse and violence. We provide support and guidance to survivors, as well as interventions for those who have engaged in abusive behavior. Our focus includes safety planning, trauma recovery, conflict resolution, and promoting healthy relationships.

Q: what can i expect during a domestic violence counselling session in calgary?

During a domestic violence counselling session in Calgary, you can expect a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space. Our trained counsellors will work with you to explore your experiences and emotions, provide coping strategies, and help you set goals for recovery and personal growth. Sessions are tailored to your unique needs and may be provided individually or in a group format.

Q: how do i know if your domestic violence help is right for me?

Domestic violence counselling can be the right choice if you or someone you care about has been affected by domestic abuse or violence. If you’ve experienced physical, emotional, or psychological abuse, or if you’ve engaged in abusive behaviour and want to change, seeking counselling is a crucial step toward healing and breaking the cycle of violence. Our compassionate team in Calgary is here to provide the necessary support and guidance to create a safe and healthier future.


IT’s time to feel safe again


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