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Shannon Clark


Shannon is a Registered Social Worker, with a graduate degree in Clinical Social Work. She maintains the social work principle of knowing people are not just people, they are surrounded by circumstances and these circumstances impact their beliefs about themselves and the world around them.

Shannon’s approach to therapy is informed by her training in Mindfulness Centred Psychotherapy, Attachment Theory and Trauma-Focused Neuroscience. Shannon operates from the belief that we are all good yet, it is common for us all to experience periods in our life where we are emotionally overwhelmed, rigid in our thoughts, and acting out behaviours that go against the life we hope to create for ourselves and loved ones.

Counselling with Shannon is an opportunity to engage in a self-study by bringing mindful attention to the parts of us which get in the way. Her trauma training supports the process of moving beyond reliving and surviving the past to creating a different experience in the present. Shannon is LGBTQ-inclusive and affirming in her therapy approaches.

Book a free consult with Shannon today to start your journey of self-study. If a time below does not fit your schedule, connect with Shannon directly by email:


$180 | 50 min session (in-person) * Effective August 7th, 2023 for NEW Clients 
$140 | 50 min session (virtual)

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