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Our team has worked with people of numerous backgrounds  and demographics. We have extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of depression, anxiety, panic, and phobias. Additionally, our team has worked with individuals to overcome addictions, strengthen relationships, process grief/loss, and to understand and develop tools to manage emotions, stress, and interpersonal conflicts.

Often times, stereotypes actually prevent us from improving our own lives. For example, the stereotype of women as taking care of household chores or handling the house rather than seeking a career has had a significant role in women attempting to close the gender gap and achieve equality in other sectors of life, as well. You may have some preconceived notions about counselling in Calgary, and we will work to alleviate any concerns that you might have about these stereotypes.


Is anxiety about the future or fear over current events stopping you from leading the life you want to live?


Stress is the body’s natural reaction to danger. It’s meant to help identify a problem that needs your attention to fix.


Depression can be very common but manifest itself in many ways by affecting mood, emotions, and/or behaviour


We have all experienced anger in our lives. It’s normal. When it becomes destructive, that’s when issues arise.


Have you found that your dependence on a substance or habit is negatively affecting your life?


Being a part of a family is fulfilling, but it can also be stressful. Arguments and issues can arise unexpectedly in families.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is something that, despite its nature, often goes under the radar and doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves or needs.

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