Therapist Profile

Laurie Janzen

Therapist: MSW, RSW

Laurie is a Registered Social Worker boasting three decades of experience across diverse therapeutic settings. As a dedicated guide, Laurie values the wealth of collective knowledge she has acquired, aiding individuals, couples, and families in navigating life’s myriad challenges to cultivate rich and fulfilling lives.

Central to Laurie’s approach is the recognition of the potency inherent in nonjudgmental, collaborative, and strengths-based relationships with her clients. She holds in high regard the courage it takes to embark on the client’s journey, establishing a secure environment through the judicious use of humor, respectful curiosity, and a warmly engaging energy. Laurie acknowledges and respects the nuanced pacing and timing required in the process of therapeutic change.

Laurie is characterized by adaptability, flexibility, and a fervent commitment to identifying therapeutic approaches tailored to individual needs. Drawing from a spectrum of theories, including ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy), Laurie weaves these methodologies with a comprehensive understanding of clients’ lived experiences, personalities, and the core issues at hand.

With a broad spectrum of expertise, Laurie is well-versed in working with individuals of all ages, extending her services to encompass couples and family therapy as well.


$160 | 50 min session (in-person)
$140 | 50 min session (virtual)

Your Counselling | Laurie Janzen

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