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Anger Management

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Learning to regulate our emotions – and our emotional extremes – is an important part of life. When this balance leans too far to one side, the results are unsustainable, and when it leans toward outbursts of anger, irritation, and excessive reactions, it can threaten our relationships and careers.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about anger management classes, and what kind of person needs to enroll in them. The truth is that many people may have never learned the right social skills, outlets, and self-awareness that are required to have healthy emotional reactions later in life, and there is no shame in seeking out and trying to improve our own well-being. Anger management therapy and counselling can be a useful tool in our overall mental health, and help lay the foundations for stronger and more resilient relationships.

Tips to Manage Anger

Anger management strategies are common, and whether we realize it or not, almost everyone employs one or more of these helpful tips at some point or another. The more comfortable you get with them, the more automatic and useful they can become. The advice most often given to people is usually:

  • think before you speak, and collect your thoughts properly.
  • Clearly and directly express your anger when you are calm, without hurting others
  • Exercise and physical activity can reduce feelings of anger
  • Focus on solutions rather than causes
  • Use “I” statements, not “you” statements
  • Use relaxation skills, such as deep breathing, listening to music, or meditation

The use of simple tactics like this can help mitigate angry episodes and create a more welcoming environment for the people around you. However, you may feel that they are not enough on their own.

Therapy for Anger Management

If you are interested in pursuing professional therapy for anger management in Calgary, Your Counselling can help with that. We employ several different therapeutic approaches for different personalities, and they can be very effective in identifying and subduing heightened anger.

CBT for anger management (cognitive-behavioural therapy) is one approach, which teaches how to challenge and overcome problematic thinking and other habits, and can directly improve emotional responses as a result. Another method that many find useful is narrative therapy, which focuses on separating your self and your personality from your problems – gaining a new perspective and a new outlook on your reactions. There are also other practices that can work, such as dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

Whether you are seeking anger management for kids, spouses, loved ones, friends, or coworkers, there are plenty of options available at Your Counselling to help you reach your goals. Simply reach out and let us know, and we’ll be there to answer.


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