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Our Monthly Therapy Blog

Welcome to our monthly Therapy Blog!  We have so many incredible articles related to counselling that you are sure to find what you’re looking for.  If you have a topic you would like to see covered – please reach out!

24 Jan: How to Manage Social Anxiety
Social situations aren’t always comfortable. Even for the most confident people, there would be at least one social situation in their lives where they have felt nervous…and that’s okay!
10 Jan: Mindful Parenting
As a parent in Calgary, you want to do one thing for your children; bring them up the best way that you can. Raising children isn’t an exact science and very much of how you parent will depend on a variety of different things such as your child, you, the supports you have around you, your belief system and so much more…
09 Dec: Dealing with Grief around the Holidays
The holidays are typically a time of celebration, joy, good food, family, and friends. They are a time to create happy memories, enjoy each other’s company and give thanks. Sadly, for many people though, the holidays can be a time filled with stress, loneliness, loss, and grief.
26 Nov: Managing Relationship Stress
No relationship is perfect. It’s completely normal for there to be some stress involved. However, when this stress becomes excessive it can negatively impact the relationship and have devasting effects on your mental health. So how much stress is too much? Well, let’s first look at a “normal” level of stress.