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Adoption Assessments

Your Counselling provides comprehensive adoption assessments using the SAFE Home Study Model. This industry standard provides guidelines for in-depth family analysis and evaluation.

What is an SAFE Home Study or Adoption Assessment?

A SAFE Home Study is crucial requirement of any adoption process in Alberta. The Study must be completed by a qualified professional with SAFE certification and training. SAFE stands for Structured Analysis Family Evaluation.

The study includes an analysis of the applicants criminal background history, financial well being, and interpersonal relationships. Ultimately the report will provide a clear analysis of the family environment.

What is the SAFE Home Process and How Long Does it Take?

The SAFE Home Process consists of a series of interviews and questions to determine an applicants parenting strengths. Some of the information gathered will require verification including such items as a record of employment, proof of address, and domestic partnership history.

This process also develops a child profile that would be a suitable match for your parenting abilities. This profile could include such things as child age and gender.  The entire process generally takes 1 – 2 months depending on the family dynamics.

In most circumstances the following items will be explored:

  • Family Background (Immediate and Extended Family)
  • Education and employment
  • Support systems
  • Daily routines
  • Parenting skills
  • Details about your home
  • Motivation for wanting to adopt
  • Recommendations of children your family can best parent

All of our Calgary Therapist’s believe in the importance of the therapeutic relationship in assisting clients in achieving  their goals. We utilize client-centered approach’s to identify the best therapeutic foundation to your counselling journey.

Therapists are trained in a number of therapeutic modalities including: cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focused therapy and narrative approaches. In our practice we feel the development of increased self-awareness is an integral part of any healing journey.

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