Addiction Counselling Calgary

Addiction Counselling Calgary

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Over the last few decades, the public and medical perception of addiction treatment has slowly begun to shift. Across the professional world, addiction is now recognized as the illness it is, and methods to help people suffering from it have grown as well.  If you are looking for help then we are your solution for addiction counselling, Calgary!

Gambling, Food, and Drug Addictions

Psychologists and other medical professionals have shown that addiction does not have to be pharmacological in nature. It can take many different forms and cover many different activities or substances. While being addicted to alcohol and tobacco is common, other addictive behaviours may include:

  • gambling
  • eating (or, conversely, not eating)
  • video games
  • hoarding
  • illicit drugs
  • self-harming acts
  • sexual activities
  • social media or internet activities

Each of these requires a unique approach from an addictions counsellor in order to ensure a high probability of successful rehabilitation. Admitting that the addiction exists is just the first step towards a healthier and more balanced future, and recognizing what addiction looks like is an important part of that.

Addiction Counselling Services in Calgary

While the scope may vary widely, addictions are among the most common mental illnesses. Sometimes they arise spontaneously through repeated pleasure responses – such as with video games or food – but they may also be a coping mechanism that helps with past trauma. Many veterans, emergency workers, and people in formerly high-stress positions struggle with addiction throughout their lives.

If you or someone you love is dealing with addictive behaviours, there are treatments that can help overcome those feelings and break the cycle once and for all. Addictions counsellors are specially trained and can guide you forward with professional advice, coping exercises, and other therapies to assist in the process.

At Your Counselling, we practice supportive psychotherapy, utilizing many techniques and approaches to help you recognize, understand, and overcome problematic behaviours and sources of distress. This environment of direct, non-judgmental attention helps clients deal with emotions that surround various addictions, building self-esteem and confidence. We also use accelerated resolution therapy (ART), a relaxing and innovative physical-mental combination that helps to “rewire” the brain’s interpretation of negative situations. This method can achieve rapid results and long-lasting benefits for not only addictive behaviours, but many other issues as well.

Find out more about our addiction help for veterans, gambling, food, drugs, or other related addictions services and get started toward a happier life today.


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