The Top Reasons People in Calgary Get Counselling

We’re a progressive bunch here in Calgary. Calgarians are health conscious, not only for our physical health but also our mental health. We know that managing our emotional and intellectual health is just as important as eating a balanced diet and getting exercise. Calgarians embrace awareness and positivity when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle.

We now know that working with a compassionate and experienced professional through any time of transition or challenge is beneficial.

We’ve noticed that Calgarians seek counselling for several reasons, and we’ll identify the top ones below.

Calgarians seek counselling when experiencing a major life event.

Divorce, career change, an accident, and even getting married or having children are all pivotal times that can cause stress. The services of a knowledgeable and impartial professional can help you work through these challenges. You may benefit from new ways to communicate or tools for navigating difficulties. Sharing your challenges with someone non-judgmental can help you to recognize the significance of new life stages. They may help you use new tactics or reinvent yourself with a new career, hobby, or people.

Calgarians seek counselling when they are depressed.

Depression has many faces and is thought to impact as much as 10% of our city’s population.

For people who are struggling to get out of bed, or no longer find joy in activities they once loved, counselling is a wonderful first step. Even people are already taking medication for depression will benefit from counselling. In fact, all treatment for depression should include a counselling component. While medication may treat the symptoms, we know that counselling can help manage depression and other mood disorders and equip you with vital tools for management.

Calgarians seek counselling if they experience anxiety.

As counsellors, we can help people who suffer from feeling panicky due to phobias, disorders, or social anxiety. Many people who experience anxiety as a result of past experiences or other extreme stress triggers see improvements with treatment from a qualified professional but so do people whose anxious feelings are more generalized.

Calgarians seek counselling for blended family challenges.

Over 8,000 couples get divorced in Alberta each year, leading to many new couples with new marriages. Relationships with stepchildren, custody challenges, and financial difficulties can become burdensome, and therapy can provide helpful ways for managing issues and promoting family healing.

Calgarians seek counselling when struggling with poor self-image.

It’s more common than you probably think. Struggling with self-esteem issues or having difficulty being assertive can lead to relationship problems, isolation, or lack of achievement. It becomes a vicious cycle. Counselling can help people build confidence, learn to express what they want without being aggressive, and find that self-love they’ve been longing for.

Just taking that first step to find a counsellor is hard. Counselling may appear time consuming or cost prohibitive. You may find yourself making excuses about why it will be too hard to commit to counselling or why counselling is not right for you. You may have assumptions about what the counselling process looks like that result in feeling apprehensive about seeking professional support.  

Counselling comes in many different shapes, with flexible schedules and methods to fit your unique needs.  You are not alone, and you don’t have to wait for things to get better on their own. The sooner you get started with counselling, the sooner you will have the right tools and strategies to have a happier and healthier life.

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