The Benefits of Regular Counselling Sessions


Many people only book a counselling session when they are feeling unwell and quickly stop attending their counselling sessions when they feel “good” again. It turns out, that approach may be the reason you continue to feel unwell on a regular basis. Regular counselling sessions have many positive benefits. Longer term goals are achieved, and deeply ingrained habits are managed in a shorter timeframe.

We would love to see you regularly and help you accomplish your wellness goals. Here, we share some of the benefits of attending regular weekly sessions with your counsellor.

By attending counselling regularly, you’ll build a stronger rapport with your counsellor.

It will be easier to get comfortable with your counsellor and you are more likely to open up in a session if you attend counselling regularly. When we build trust with others we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and this vulnerability is exactly what needs to happen for your counselling sessions to have the strongest impact.

Making your counselling sessions a set weekly time creates an expected routine.

When your counselling appointments are regular and consistent you’re less likely to forget an appointment. Set up a regular weekly appointment to avoid feelings that your counselling appointments are less important than your other responsibilities. Making your counselling sessions a part of your weekly routine will create continuity in your work with your therapist.

Going to counselling when you feel “good” has long term benefits.

People tend to feel less engaged in their counselling session when their acute symptoms have been alleviated but a lot of long term progress toward your mental health goals can be achieved when you’re feeling more at your baseline. You’ll have more resources to work on deeper personal challenges than you do when you are in crisis mode.

Attending counselling weekly means you’ll get what you came for.

When you decided to start counselling sessions you had a goal in mind. To achieve what you set out to do, consistency is important, especially if you’re not the type of person who wants to attend therapy for years and years. Giving your stress and challenges an hour each week allows you to rest emotionally and focus on you! If you’re ready for self improvement, it’s time to commit!

There isn’t a magic amount of time or number of sessions that you should see a counsellor for. Together with your counsellor you can put together a care plan that includes your emotional health needs, the goals that you want to achieve, your scheduling constraints, and your budget. As mentioned above, regular and consistent sessions over a period (sometimes as few as 6 weeks) will likely result in achieving your goals and meeting your needs in less time than if you were to only schedule counselling sessions when you aren’t feeling like your best self.  Whether you’re searching for help with anxiety or any other issues… you can count on our team to help provide you with the tools to improve while helping guide you to a better life.