The Benefits of Counselling

the benefits of counselling

As we grow, we have many ups and downs throughout our life – especially here in Calgary, where that often goes along with the city itself. Thanks to this, many people are already familiar with the benefits that that counselling can bring, and are quick to recommend sessions to friends and family. 

But there are plenty of others who are not familiar with all the positive benefits of therapy and all the ways it can help us live full and happy lives. Whether it’s one-on-one meetings to go over a stressful situation, couples counselling to gain new perspective in a relationship, or something else that’s specific to you and your loved ones, there are countless advantages to counselling in Calgary and beyond.

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Is Counselling Good for You?

Yes! As humans, we are social beings, and even the simple act of talking about our emotions, desires, fears, and other motivators can fill us with relief. Being able to “vent” is often stereotyped as one of the biggest benefits of psychotherapy.

However, it’s not the only one. Studies have identified nearly a dozen measurable positive effects of counselling, including reduced substance abuse and suicidal ideation, decreased anxiety and depression symptoms, a better quality of life, and enhanced personal relationships. In almost every way you can think of, therapy helps us achieve more satisfaction in our lives.

The Health Benefits of Counselling

All these small improvements that counselling brings translate into tangible health benefits. These can range from better sleep, concentration, and emotional control all the way to literal health benefits, like less reliance on pharmaceutical intervention and losing dependence on harmful substances. 

In the communities of Calgary, where it is cold and dark for much of the winter months, therapy can also help boost your mood and overcome conditions like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Since it can be difficult to get out and enjoy our favourite activities with ongoing pandemic restrictions (except outdoor ones, like walking through Nose Hill or exploring Prince’s Island Park), counselling can be very helpful way to get through the hardest part of the year and understand you’re not alone.

The conversation around mental health and how it ties into our overall health is growing, and the importance of addressing our own needs is becoming ever more clear. Counselling can boost physical health, as well as offer important emotional outlets for us to grow and thrive.

Who Benefits from counselling?

In short, everyone can – but for different reasons. People seek out therapy for many different reasons, so the benefits for everyone will vary depending on their own unique situation.

  • Benefits of counselling for mental health:

    Just like going to the dentist or a physician, going to a therapist can boost your mental health and make sure you have the best quality of life possible. As the conversation around mental health becomes de-stigmatized, many people are now seeking out counselling for previously overlooked or undiagnosed conditions, or simply exploring their own personality and emotions. This means more comfort, better communication and expression, and an increase to self-esteem.


  • Benefits of counselling for depression and anxiety:

    Life can be difficult sometimes, and depression and anxiety can be found throughout the entire population. Luckily, therapists can help mitigate the worst effects and offer numerous paths forward for people who want to overcome these conditions. Counselling can provide benefits like enhanced personal relationships, reduced fear of new situations or the future, and lessened suicidal ideation, among others.


  • The Positives of counselling for addiction:

    Breaking the hold of addiction is difficult, but counselling sessions are extremely helpful in providing support and hope for those in need of it. Whether it’s simply a safe space to express your struggles or a place to get advice and guidance when moving forward, counsellors can get you to a better place.


  • The Advantages of Counselling for Stress:

    Life since 2020 has seen a big increase in stress for nearly everyone – and discussing your struggles with a licensed therapist has many positive effects. Along with reducing anxiety and helping to establish clear paths forward to get through difficult times, counselling for stress offers a neutral ground to talk through problems and feel validated in your emotions.


  • Benefits of Counselling for domestic violence:

    Ending, escaping, or overcoming an abusive relationship can be extraordinarily hard, but that only emphasizes how important it is. As a professional with your well-being as their top priority, counsellors can offer support, resources, behavioural therapies, advice, and fresh perspectives to both parties in such a relationship, or recommended actions to ensure everyone is safe and free from harm. Counsellors can also help confront and overcome the trauma of past violent relationships, leading to more fulfilling and respectful ones in the future.


  • Are there benefits to Students getting Counselling:

    Between financial strain, time shortages, and performance pressure, many students are under considerable stress. Thus, the advantages of counselling for students can address these issues and help prevent burnout, anxiety, or feelings of inadequacy. 


  • Counselling for Cancer Patients:

    Facing your mortality is intensely difficult, and brings many thoughts and emotions that are often hard to process. Counselling for cancer patients (and those with other terminal or chronic illnesses) ensures that a high quality of life is envisioned and maintained, and that stress, depression, and anxiety can be minimized.


Workplace COunselling Benefits

In addition to what we think of as “traditional” counselling, many workplaces are now bringing therapy practices on board. While this may not be “for” any issue in particular, such group and professional settings have their own benefits from consistent practice, including:

  • Better communication and social skills
  • Better emotional intelligence and boundaries
  • More perspective and diverse thinking
  • Stronger social networks
  • An increase in healthy behaviours, such as conflict resolution
  • More engaged employees and less absenteeism

In addition to this, many people seek out specific career counselling, enabling them to better identify what gives them purpose and meaning and pivot to a career that will engage those feelings. Discovering your ideal way of contributing to the world and enacting a plan to achieve it throughout your life is a benefit that can hardly be quantified, but would make a major and long-lasting difference to your well-being.


The Advantages of Counselling

With all of that said, it is clear that there are countless positive effects and advantages of therapy and all its forms. Because of its unique user nature, everyone gets something different out of their sessions, but the result is the same. We all benefit from a more satisfying lifestyle, more opportunities to grow and connect with others, stronger communication and needs assessment, and ultimately, a better life.

If you want to try counselling with one of our psychotherapists, we offer a free phone consultation to make sure we are the right fit, as well as numerous remote options so we can all stay safe. We look forward to helping you improve your quality of life!