Mindful Parenting

As a parent in Calgary, you want to do one thing for your children; bring them up the best way that you can. Raising children isn’t an exact science and very much of how you parent will depend on a variety of different things such as your child, you, the supports you have around you, your belief system and so much more…

Supporting Your Teen’s Mental Health

Navigating your way through mental health issues can be a scary and sometimes frustrating process. Progression can be slow and it’s not always a straight and obvious path. Instead it can be filled with many ups and downs. So having a good support network can make all the difference in recovery. What if it’s not you experiencing the recovery though? What if it’s your child? The benefits of talk based support are for the entire family.

Helping Your Kids Cope with COVID-19

The world changed drastically between 2019 and 2020. With the spread of COVID-19 and its ongoing effects on the economy, schools and social interactions it’s easy to see why everyone is feeling more “on edge” these days.