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Occupational Therapy

Your Counselling Occupational Therapy Consultations

Occupational therapy (OT) is a holistic branch of health care that focuses on supporting clients to be able to engage in day to day activities that are meaningful and valuable to them. Occupations can be defined as everything a person does to occupy their time and may include self-care activities, things we do to enjoy life, and activities that allow us to contribute to the social and economic fabric of the community (CAOT Position Statement).

The occupational therapist and Your Counselling specializes in working with clients with mental health concerns and is able to offer consultation for individuals around the following:

  • Life goal planning: Many individuals report feeling uncertain about their long term goals or feeling stuck around knowing what steps to take to put the their goals into action. OT can help problem solve barriers to reaching goals and help with breaking big goals down into more realistic action steps.
  • Sensory processing: OT can support with offering assessments to better understand how you interpret and interact with the sensory environment around you. Our patterns of interaction with the sensory environment can result in patterns that make it difficult to engage in meaningful activities (i.e. avoidance of certain environments, strong sensitivities, anxiety, feeling disconnected). Individual coping strategies to manage in different environments and activities can be explored.
  • ADHD support: Often individuals with ADHD report difficulty initiating, staying focused, and feeling organized while completing day to day activities. OT can provide individual coaching on effective time management and organizational strategies.
  • Chronic pain: For individuals with chronic pain, it can be increasingly difficult to engage in desired activities. OT can provide support with implementing pacing and energy conservation techniques to help you to find balance in your activities, attend to your body’s needs, and be able to engage in meaningful life roles and tasks.
  • Behavioural activation: This is an effective treatment for both depression and anxiety. Engaging in regular activities is a helpful component of recovery. OT can work with you to identify activities that are meaningful, build motivation, and start taking action steps towards your goals.
  • Mild cognitive impairment: OT can work with you on memory strategies and different techniques to help you manage concerns related to a decline in cognitive functioning.

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